These are the Fun Holiday Tips in Bandung

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Bandung, where the city is a vacation spot, especially for Jakarta residents for a short vacation. But whatever, the power to find the area of ​​Priangan City often happens very long, and it can even make you lose your mood to go on vacation to Bandung. The danger is again if your attitude is lost when in the middle of the traffic jam. Attention to Bandung is no longer there, even to go home is not possible. Like “Going Forward, Backing Off”

At times like this, you need to have a strategy that can improve your mood for this city known as Paris van Java. Before you go on vacation, choose a date to go to Bandung as the exact date. To go to Bandung at this time is indeed quite easy, you have to order a trip to Jakarta Bandung to get to the Priangan City. There are some things you need if you want to visit Bandung, and through this article, you will give tips for getting a nice vacation in Bandung.

Don’t choose a holiday pinch or an extended vacation
It can be ascertained that the city of Bandung will be crowded with visitors and tourists on holidays, that is something you cannot avoid. Tourist destinations will be visitors, and you will not enjoy your vacation because you have to nudge in tourist attractions. When compared to regular days, you will feel more comfortable to enjoy the atmosphere in the tourist attractions that you want to visit.

Interesting tourist exploration in Bandung
Tips on vacation to Bandung comfortably is that you can find exciting locations in Bandung. Several areas are similar to you and can be your choice to visit. One of these areas is Dago Region. This area is trendy in Bandung, here is usually done Car Free Day or so-called CFD on Sunday mornings.

Search for the Alternative Path Other than Entering Pasteur Gate
One very popular entrance to enter the city of Bandung is through Pasteur Tollgate. Not infrequently tourists go to Bandung by using private vehicles such as cars. Not infrequently also a long queue of cars was seen at Pasteur Tollgate. Vacation tips to Bandung by choosing available toll gates beside Pasteur toll. The toll gates that have been provided are the Cileunyi toll gate, Kopo toll gate, Pasir Koja toll road, and Buah Batu toll gate. You can choose one of the tremendous non-congested toll gates at Pasteur toll gate.

Arrange Solid and Clear Itinerary
The next vacation tips when making a simple schedule. Your schedule will help you while traveling in Bandung. You can fill in any target you want to visit. Everything you can make if you make a plan and goal, this will be related to the funds you provide for a vacation in the city of Bandung.

Find Lodging Near the Tourist Point
Lots of places to stay in Bandung from cheap to five-star hotels. Choosing a place to stay that is close to the destination, you can save, and you can also keep costs while you are on vacation.

Look for Typical Gifts of Bandung
A guide for those of you who visit Bandung is to use shopping for souvenirs that will be done when you return home to your home. You can record who you will give presents after you finish the trip. Various types of souvenirs indeed become one of the uniqueness of the city of Bandung. You have many options for choosing what you will give.

Not Complete Without Culinary Tourism
Not complete if you visit Bandung but don’t fill it with culinary experiences. Culinary entrepreneurs present the variety and unique menu. You can feel the pleasure of a typical Bandung culinary menu, not only in expensive restaurants. You can start from a place to eat in a different area.

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