8 Current Destinations in Jogja

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Starting a conversation about Yogyakarta is indeed inseparable from the pleasures of its unique warm atmosphere. Besides being friendly, discussions about this student city will never stop and will never run out to review the latest destination. This is because Yogyakarta always has a new place that is very suitable to be visited by local and foreign tourists. The city that is very close to the iconic Borobudur and Prambanan Temples always offers the best experience for its visitors, and you are one of those who will be entertained if you climb Yogyakarta.

If you are planning to go to Yogyakarta, of course, your plan is correct. But besides ordering Jakarta Jogja travel, you must modify your itinerary while in Jogja. In this article, you will be presented with various places of hits and presentations in Jogja that you should visit and capture your moments there. Here are eight contemporary destinations in Jogja that will complement your experience:

De Mata Trick Eye Museum

This is one of the most interesting and exciting museums in Yogyakarta. This museum is a 3-dimensional museum so you can see hundreds of eye-popping pictures and paintings that make your experience of coming to the museum unforgettable. The 3D Museum is the first 3D museum in Yogyakarta and is the largest museum in the world because it has many collections because it exhibits 120 pieces of various sizes.
The World Landmarks Merapi Park
Located in the tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKaliurang, and coinciding in front of the location of the Museum of Mount Merapi, one of the reasonably recent tourist spots presents very different and unique nuances. The World Landmarks Merapi Park presents several miniatures of typical buildings from various countries. In this place, you can also capture exciting moments from the background of conventional structures of other countries.

Watu Goyang Mangunan

There is a thing that can steal the attention in this Watu Goyang Mangunan which is a photo spot shaped like a military helicopter with its typical army green style. This tourist attraction was first opened to the public in March 2017 and managed to steal the attention of tourists because of the uniqueness and natural beauty possessed by Watu Goyang Mangunan. Also, in this tour, there is also a large new one on the edge of a cliff that makes the beauty of the natural panorama more complete.

The Lost World Castle Cangkringan

Maybe some of you have seen one of these tourist destinations because there are so many photos that have been circulating on social media. This unique destination which is often referred to as Takeshi Fortress is located in the Kaliuran area, just below the foot of Mount Merapi. So, besides the air that is very cool because, in the mountains, the magnificence of Mount Merapi is also clearly visible in this one destination when the weather is sunny. In this area, there are many unique spots to capture in the form of photos, then upload them to your social media accounts.

Pine Grove Penner

One tourist attraction in Yogyakarta that is currently on the rise is the Pinus Pengger Forest in Bantul. This tourist attraction presents a charming natural scenery to be immortalized in the form of photographs. Uniquely, this tourist attraction is shaped like a giant hand that seems to be catching you at the end of the spot. Fresh air and a romantic atmosphere make this one destination a hit in the eyes of tourists.

Upside Down World

This unique tourist spot is located in the North Ringroad Road area, Depok, Sleman. This tourist object presents various objects placed on the roof. This results in you feeling like you’re in an upside-down world. Upside Down World is very hitting among tourists because there are already lots of photos circulating on social media.

Swing Sky Waturajan

Officially opened in June 2017, Yogyakarta tourists were successfully sedated by the existence of a unique swing and offered a stunning natural landscape. Located in the Tourism Village of Purwosari, Kulonprogo, Ayunan Langit Waturajan is a struggle for tourists because this place is a very hit among young people who upload it on their Instagram account.

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