7 Must-Visit Culinary Tours in Surabaya

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The culinary world on Java Island will never run out. Even today more and more creative snacks always appear every day. The first snack has its uniqueness in each region, and one of the areas that experienced this was Surabaya.

Being one of the biggest cities in Indonesia, Surabaya also has a substantial culinary world. Here you will feel the dynamics of the development of the culinary world which will undoubtedly be your best experience when you are enchanting in this City of Heroes. It’s an “obligation” when you are on vacation by visiting some of the best culinary spots in the city. The gastronomic storefront will undoubtedly entertain your eyes and tongue as long as you are traveling around this city of Surabaya.

In this article, you will be presented with various information about the best culinary spots or spots in Surabaya that you must visit, here are seven culinary tourism destinations that you should taste while in Surabaya:

Ayam Bakar Primarasa

For those of you who are looking for good grilled chicken in Surabaya, Ayam Bakar Primarasa, which has been around since the ’90s, can be one of its goals. The reason is, this one roasted chicken is very famous for its tantrums. Using a special spice blend, it’s not surprising that the chicken feels delicious and seeps into the bones.

This City of Heroes often gives a million culinary surprises that you can’t just refuse. Uniqueness is the hallmark of the Surabaya culinary dictionary, and because of these characteristics, your tongue can easily be tempted.

Mafia Fried Rice

Success in Bandung, Mafia Fried Rice opens a branch in Surabaya. This is the 32nd branch. In East Java, there are only two, in Madiun and Surabaya. In general, fried rice is cooked with relatively the same ingredients. The topping includes goats, chickens, and eggs. Unlike the Mafia Fried Rice, Kharisma Akbar as Director of the Partnership Division explained, one of the main ingredients of Mafia Fried Rice is spices so that fried rice tastes tasty and tasty.

Soto Ambengan Pak Sadi

Even though there are a million Soto Ayam sellers in Surabaya, if you haven’t come to Pak Sadi’s Soto shop, it seems that you have not been authorized to study in Surabaya. Soto, which you can modify from filling meat to beef offal, you can enjoy with around Rp 50,000.

Cak Gundul Crab Shop

Eating crabs with your family is very pleasant. Don’t also forget to try this tasty and legendary crab dish in Surabaya. From 1992, this dining place was never empty of customers and never changed in serving crab flavors. You must try Kare Seasoning Crab and Sweet Acid Crab.

Soto Lamongan Cak Har

Soto is indeed an Indonesian culinary that has a rich diversity, one of which is a dish provided by Soto Ayam Lamongan Cak Har. Soto Ayam Lamongan “Cak Har” is located in the Merr area, not far from the campus of the Ten November Institute of Technology. To be able to enjoy a bowl of soto here, you only need to spend around Rp 50,000 and can order chicken chrysanthemum for free.

Rujak Cingur Akhmad Jais

All also know that this food has become a culinary identification of Surabaya for a long time. You can’t miss this one dish when you visit Surabaya, and you should immediately go to Rujak Cingur Ahmad Jais, which has been famous since the 70s. Imagining eating a cow’s nose with a mixture of peanut sauce and paste makes sure your stomach rumbles.

Uduk Monalisa Rice

Uduk Monalisa Rice, located on Jalan Mayjen Sungkono, is one of the mandatory snacks in Surabaya. What makes the taste of uduk rice more “kick,” the uduk rice is served with spicy sambal and also peanut sauce, as well as various side dishes such as fried chicken to the lungs. You only need to spend around Rp. 40,000 to get a plate of rice and duck and a glass of ice orange.

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