5 Famous Beachfront Hotels in Bali

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Holidays and trips to Bali are undoubtedly synonymous with Bali’s popularity as one of the best beach tourist destinations in the world with many beautiful beaches in Bali so that you as a local tourist don’t need to go far abroad where Bali is not inferior to other coastal tourism in the world famous ones like Maldives and Thailand.

To make your holiday experience and beach holiday in Bali unforgettable, it will be better to stay at a hotel that offers a view or a direct view of the beach so that you still see and hear the waves and feel the atmosphere of the Bali beach to make your holiday atmosphere unforgettable. Well, here we will give you five beachfront hotels in Bali that have a strategic location and are very close to the beach that you must visit while on holiday to Bali as follows:

The Oberoi Bali

Super luxury and popular hotels in Bali do indeed have rather expensive rates with other hotels in Bali, but if you are pleasure and luxury hunters, then the money you spend will be paid for with the luxury and comfort that you will get at this Hotel that has a garden with an area of ​​15 hectares with a beachfront view and Balinese hotel architecture.

The Samaya Bali

This resort concept hotel offers villas with direct views of the sea and private pools for visitors. For those of you who want to swim as much as you like and enjoy the beauty of the beach, you must make this hotel one of the favorite lodging places in Bali.

Double-Six Luxury Hotel

As the name implies, this hotel offers luxury or comfort like a king and queen for the visitors of the hotel, so the hotel also offers views of the beach, you don’t need to doubt about the service and facilities.

WakaGangga Resort

The hotel carrying the resort concept is slightly different from other hotels, where the resort offers views of black sand beaches, but even though black sand the beauty of the bright and bright blue sea and exotic black sand is not inferior to the beauty of other favorite beaches in Bali. Not only the beach, but this hotel also provides beautiful and green scenery in the form of Tabanan rice fields.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

This hotel offers a luxurious concept in the midst of a typical Balinese rural atmosphere that gives a beautiful impression and is calm and luxurious wrapped in distinctive traditional elements. For those of you who want to enjoy the beachfront views, this hotel is also very close to the beach and also surrounded by conventional Balinese temples.
Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
So much for our travel information about the five coolest beachfront hotels in Bali that you must visit for those who are beach lovers who will love it if you miss a vacation to Bali, where with a beachfront hotel you don’t need to travel long distances to enjoy your vacation and beach tour in Bali.

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